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Gender Pay Gap


Difference between Men and WomenMeanMedian
Gender Pay Gap29.73%30.94%
Bonus Pay Gap42.66%49.41%

PAY QUARTILES Proportion of males and females in each pay quartile


Percentage of the team receiving a bonus

Received a bonus39.55%32.34%
No bonus received60.45%67.66%

Our guests, owners and team members come from all walks of life and are what make us Awazing. As we continue our journey together, we are committed to providing an inclusive and equitable environment where everybody has a part to play and is valued for who they are.

At the time of the snapshot, 61.07% of our team were female and 38.92% male.

Our gender pay gap is driven by the types of role fulfilled by men and women across our organisation. We currently have a higher proportion of men in senior positions and proportionately more women in junior positions. The data also reflects the significant recruitment we have seen in our Tech teams, where roles tend to have higher salaries and where the majority of available candidates are male. Across our workforce we continue to support all of our team in equal pay for equal work.

We are working hard to ensure we attract a more diverse talent pool at all levels and have seen an increase in male candidates for entry level roles.

Our bonus figures this year primarily reflect contractual incentive schemes paid across our Business Development teams.

Continuing to make changes for the future

We have made progress over the course of the last year, we better understand our data and we have put in place initiatives to support both the development of current female team members as well as attracting new female talent in more senior roles. However, we also understand we need to do more and as we move forward and are committed to reducing our gaps:

  • Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy continues to focus on gender diversity and we are working on a dashboard of metrics for accountability and success.
  • Following last years successful pilot, we will grow our Women in Leadership Mentoring Scheme to broaden its reach across our team.
  • We will continue to monitor our Flexible Working Policy ensuring it enables us to retain and attract new team members from all walks of life, supporting flexibility in our workspaces to enable our team to achieve better work life balance.
  • Attracting a diverse team continues to be paramount and work is ongoing;
  • to eliminate gender bias from our attraction and selection processes.
  • to continue to progress and strengthen our links with local schemes to attract women Tech returners and grassroot level entry by working with students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) subjects.
  • The results of our annual team member engagement survey will continue to help us understand our retention trends.

Awaze will continue to provide an equitable and inclusive environment that offers our team the opportunity to be the best they can be – truly Awazing!

Henrik Kjellberg, Group Chief Executive Officer

Helen Khan, Chief People Officer